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A message from District 2 Program Quality Director

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Just a month ago at the Toastmasters International 2019 Convention, District 2 leaders and members were recognized on the Toastmasters International World Stage for achieving Select Distinguished in 2018-2019.  It was back in 2007, that District 2 achieved such recognition.  In 2007, Ray Roman was District 2 Governor.  Although Ray now lives in Japan, he was also on stage to celebrate our success. As Club Growth Director, I was grateful for the opportunity to receive the Excellence in Club Growth on behalf of our District 2 leadership team, club leaders and fellow members. Our district also achieved 14th out of 117 for net club growth and 22nd out of 117 for club growth. Congratulations to all! Many thanks to District 2 members and District 2 leaders, Molly George, Belinda Kent, Todd Cudaback, Emmy Meaker, Jim Sultan, Sandy Malone, Omar Rivas, Eric Vaughn, Mary Morrison, Jackie Bailey, Mary Redman, Sandy Marshall, Jeff Brown, ​Sheri Bettine, ​​Donna Stolz, Joelene Ashker, Liem Luong, ​and many more, for your support and the opportunity to serve as District 2 Club Growth Director 2018-2019.

By serving our members for the past few years, I've learned the importance of teamwork and the power of leveraging existing knowledge of the experienced and the new leaders and members in our district -- I first joined #117 the Everett Pacesetters Toastmasters back in April 2003. 

This year, as District 2 Program Quality Director, I'm working with our district leaders to create Program Quality related committees to bring back some of the best practices that we have had and to explore innovative practices to best serve our members. 

Each committee will have a committee chair, a mission, an objective and a plan of action. Committee members will collaboratively and collectively determine the best approaches and solutions based on available resources during their term while building a strong foundation for teams that follow.  We will be agile, begin with small and focused​ initiatives, welcome feedback, and adapt for planning next steps. 

There is no official Toastmaster's credit to participate in these committees; however, some initiatives can be used toward HPL and Pathways projects.  To ensure each committee can best serve our members, committee members are recommended by current and past district leaders, division directors, area directors, the last 3 years of President & Select Distinguished Club officers, and past volunteers with a proven record for working in teams. Most importantly, we are looking for committee members who can commit at least 4+ hours a week (8-12 hours a week is required for a committee chair) and to being responsive when called upon. Each committee chair is responsible for recruiting their committee members and leading their team. Please visit D2TM.ORG and District 2 Social Media sources for the latest updates. Your feedback and service are always welcome. Please use the District 2 Contact Form or email Roxy Stimpson, PQD to volunteer or to ask questions. 

Yours sincerely,

Roxy Stimpson, DTM, PM5, IP5, PWMENTORPGM District 2 Program Quality Director 2019-2020

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